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Action: Ask your Senators to oppose Title 42

Please ask your Senators to reject any legislation, including amendments to the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, that would extend the border expulsion policy under Title 42. Title 42 is the inhumane policy that violates international law by excluding asylum seekers from entering the country. According to the Justice Action Center, there have been moreContinue reading “Action: Ask your Senators to oppose Title 42”

Supreme Court rescinds  “Remain in Mexico” policy

The U.S. Supreme Court is allowing the current administration to rescind the racist, inhumane “Remain in Mexico” policy. In violation of international law, this policy forced asylum seekers at the southern border to remain in Mexico, exposing them to gang violence, including kidnapping, sexual assault and murder. Meanwhile, Ukrainians escaping violence in Europe have beenContinue reading “Supreme Court rescinds  “Remain in Mexico” policy”

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