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A White House Plan Aims To Speed Up Consideration Of Many Asylum Claims

“The White House is moving forward on a plan to have Department of Homeland Security asylum officers take over cases on the southern United States border, a change that would shift future asylum cases out of backlogged immigration courts. “The Biden administration’s measure is one of a series of moves to speed up consideration of asylumContinue reading “A White House Plan Aims To Speed Up Consideration Of Many Asylum Claims”

KBI newsletter July 2021

Bienvenido | Welcome At the end of this month, we will celebrate Fr. Sean Carroll, SJ stepping into the role of Provincial for the USA West Province. On the same day, we will honor feast day of Saint Ignatius. Over the course of his life, Ignatius crafted a legacy alongside Jesus that has impacted theContinue reading “KBI newsletter July 2021”

Spring Lake Ranch Collaboration!

We’re excited to share that Spring Lake Ranch has donated an apartment for the asylum seekers that we’re sponsoring. Spring Lake Ranch is a long-term therapeutic community which supports and empowers people with mental health and substance abuse issues by providing opportunities to grow and thrive. SLR has a 700-acre farm in Cuttingsville that housesContinue reading “Spring Lake Ranch Collaboration!”

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